Outdoor Signage – A Form of Art

Outdoor signs are a great way to spread the word about your business or service. Use outdoor signs to promote your brand and showcase the fantastic products and services that you have to offer. Strategically placed outdoor signage can really increase the number of people coming into your doors through the doors of your customers.

Outdoor Signs


Choose an attractive sign type – outdoor signs come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone. Some popular sign types include: vinyl, hard plastic, aluminum, polycarbonate and double-sided outdoor signs. Vinyl offers the least flexibility when it comes to size, but can often times be custom cut to fit any given location. Hard plastic is a good choice for any business hoping to get away from the traditional rectangular sign. Aluminum and polycarbonate both offer the look of aluminum and polycarbonate, but are not as durable as vinyl.


For the most durable outdoor signs, consider aluminum or coroplast signs. Both these materials are durable and offer the full range of colors and designs. Coroplast offers a smooth matte appearance and the ability to be UV protected for long periods of time. The matte color of coroplast offers a great color matching to most outdoor signage. Because of its durability, aluminum is usually the best choice for outdoor signs.


Your message should be clear and easy to understand – there are many different outdoor signs that offer varying forms of graphics. When choosing your signage, you should take into consideration what kind of graphic or visual effects you hope to achieve. If your potential customers are looking at your sign, then it’s very important that your message is clear and easy to see. If there is a possibility that a prospective customer may have difficulty understanding your sign, it is best to avoid using complex graphics and try to use a more simple sign that is easily understood.


Once you have decided on the type of sign that you want, you need to look for the right outdoor signage company. The company will design and create your custom outdoor signs according to your specifications. They can be as basic as an outdoor sign with a simple message to something more complex like an advertising sign or an outdoor advertising sign. The graphics used on your outdoor signage is also very important. There are many different types of graphics available to choose from. You can have your graphic designed by a professional or you can go the route of allowing someone who is skilled in creating outdoor signs.


When designing your outdoor signs, it is important to think of it as an art form. You want your outdoor signs to be inviting and to catch the eye of your potential customers. Keep in mind that your outdoor signs should reflect your business in the minds of people as they are driving by your business. There is nothing worse than having your potential customers drive by your business, get frustrated, and then decide not to go back. Keep in mind that your outdoor signs will capture the essence of your business and help others to understand your products or services.